current expo

An Exhibition in Common Regard

Artwork of Rony Van den Block
in communication with the artwork of:
Bert Lezy, Bruneau, David Kuppens, Ester Kenis, Evelyne Palmer, Francis Borghys, Gert Wyninckx, Jan Gitanes, Gregorie Berneri, Kathleen Steegmans, Karo Vrints, Katrijn Vercammen, Ken Cappaert, Kristof Geilenkotten, Laure-Anne Landmesser, Melanie Bivacco, Nancy Uytgeerts, Nathalie Decock, Philippe Orlent, Philippe Thys, Rudy Trouvé, Sacha Eckes, Sarah van Gestel, Spank Moons, Sherwood Black, Stefaan Willaert, Stefan martens, Stéphanie Maillart, Tim Michielsen and Veronika Langerova.

Come and make an academic journey trough the artwork of these artists. Discover new talents or established names in all different styles and disciplines. Maybe you’ll discover that artist you absolutely love or that masterpiece that you can’t let go…

15.12.2022 > 29.01.2023
DO 15.12.2022 – 17u>01u
VR 16.12.2022 – 17u>01u
WO-DO-VR-ZA-ZO – 17u>01u
ZO 29.01.2023 – 17u>01u